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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Celebrating a Penguin named Jenny :)

A Penguin & A Bee- A love story :) 
Once upon a time... there lived a little Penguin-girl named Jenny.  She was a very happy little penguin-girl, exploring life and having very lovely penguin adventures with a lil bear, who had honey pot paws, a cat who liked to go "rarrrrrrr", a lollipop with the whitest sparkliest teeth in all the land and an evil little squirrel. ;) She thought her life couldn't get any better, until one day, she met a bee! He was a curious little bee...who was in a grand band and loved art as much as she did.  Little did she know at that time, that her life would never be the same again.  :) They began to spend their days together, strolling through art galleries, sharing stories, making memories..until one day, they fell in love <3!  Everyday they shared their love with the world and a few years later...after their love grew and grew, he surprised this little penguin with the prettiest, sparkliest ring in ALL of penguin land and asked her to be his bride.  :)  They planned and planned until the time came to celebrate her last few days as a single penguin girl, for next week, she would be a very MARRIED penguin WIFE :)  Happy to share in this special weekend, all her little friends from all across the land came from miles and miles and MILES away just to celebrate with her....and this is when the REAL fun began.. :) 

Jenn and her future sister in law Andrea :)

Left to Right: The Cat, The Lollipop and The evil little Squirrel

LB and Anna

The Bee's Aunt Rachael, the Penguin's little penguin-sister Valerie ;) and Kayla

Made the whole restaurant smell like a caramel scentsy candle

Lil Bear sighting!  ;) Over to the left..
you see? you see? you see??  ;)

Excited about her presents

The bee will surely like these...  ;)  Oooooo la la!!

What do we got here?!?

Giving squirrely eyes and a cheesy lollipop smile :) :)

Practicing for the big day???  lol..

Karateeeeeeee CHOP!

Consulting the list of tasks for the evening.  (In no particular order)

1.  Rub 2 guys bald heads
2.  Ask to see 5 tattoos (not on the arm)
3.  Get 3 different guys to buy you shots
4.  Get as many signatures on your arm as possible
5.  Get a guy to wear your sash and tiara
6.  Find a guy with a name starting with a "P" & "B" for a
     PB&Jenn sandwich picture
7.  Gather 5 forms of "protection" ;)
8.  Take over the DJ microphone
9.  Solo dance in the middle of the dancefloor
10.  Get 5 people to give you a kiss on the cheek

Got any tattoos Mr. Waiter-man??
Willing to wear my sash and tiara Mr. Waiter-man?? 
Maybe, perhaps, yes Mr. Waiter-man??

Ughhh...BIG BAG of NOTHING! lol..

What's next Vavrie?

Giving the new purse a good WIFF.... 

Jenn, seeing if her purse smells "new"

Demonstrating Val's super smarty HIV testing techniques

This man was very willing and able to participate... lol

Taking her bald head rubbing VERY SERIOUSLY..
I'm sooooo NOT even sure what was going on here..
but.. it looks painful!  lol

A penguin and a squirrel doing the "head-bump"

Since Jenn had already satisfied her bald head rubbing requirements...

She got her first arm signature!

Her PB& J sandwich picture..
Dude on the left, I'm sure your mom would be real proud of the way you look in this picture.

Number one of five...found!

Drinks for the table

DJ Jenny taking over the mic :)

Trying REALLY hard to hide that Lollipop smile..

Such squeezable CHEEKS!

Awww..the bear and the cat, together again..
Miss my roomie :)
This guy was a little TOO eager to wear the tiara and

Cute cat smile

Jenn, making her round getting signatures

Solo dance time

Strutting her stuff and showing us her moves..

hehehehehe...still going..


Pause for a picture

Numero DOS!

Sisterly bonding

One last round of shots before half of us called it a night.. :)

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guajardo fam said...

awww... congrats Jenn! Looks like y'all had a blast! Miss all you girlies!!! :)