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Friday, December 24, 2010

Welcome Home Christmas :)

So many times it seems easy to forget the sweet things that are done for you when life gets...well, chaotic.  After the hectic week I had just endured with my family, the last thing I had time to think about was Christmas.  My sweet husband, holding down the fort back in Dallas while I was away, was bound and determined to give me a proper Christmas celebration, even if he did have to work that day... and despite my objections after the week I just had.  Needless to say, he did NOT pay attention to my objections... piling the presents under the tree, filling the entire house with love, warmth and the best welcome home I could've ever hoped for.  I love that man, much more than words could ever explain.   

What a wonderful sight to see when I walked in the door... 

Macie and daddy excited about opening presents!


Macie was up first. :)  Chad even sweetly wrote
"To: Macie, From: Mommy"
eventhough I had no idea what it was, AND HE wrapped it. 
She got a new leash by the way, she loved it!  :)

My goober-head husband certainly had fun picking out goofy presents this Christmas. 
The first present I opened was a refill of plastic FORKS
(we were running low..I love him for being practical AND silly ;)  
Oh yes folks.. it really contained forks... not just a box! 
Hahahahaha.. we both got a kick out of that one..I loved it!
Oh and an inspirational book to start our empire with.  :)

Next up... Scrabble FLASH with digital scoring...
So I don't "cheat" he 
I don't cheat... I just WIN! :)

Cleverly labeled...
"To my peeps in Texas... Keep it Real - S. Claus" could I NOT love this man?!?!

Ooooo... presents for BOTH of us
For our next major trip in September 2011

And one just for me... a super cool drawing digital pad.
I don't really know how to use it yet, but I can't wait,
IT. LOOKS. AWESOME!!!  Thank you love..I'm sooooooo EXCITED!!

Stocking stuffers  :)
Oh and I only got crappy pictures of the next present but these DVD's came with a
BRAND SPANKIN' new Blu-Ray player too!!

And another goofy gift..which I'm still enjoying I might add..  :) 

Only SOME of the bounty we both get to enjoy in 2011 :) 

Thank you Chad for being such a wonderful husband.  I could've done without any of these goodies and STILL felt loved beyond belief.  You are an amazing person, husband and most importantly, BEST friend.  You are all the present I could and ever would want.  Thank you for choosing to spend the rest of your life with me.  MUAH!

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