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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Critic's Notebook: First look at the Meddlesome Moth


So it REALLY begins...

Even BEFORE the restaurant doors were officially opened,  Dallas food bloggers have told us their opinions, shared their feelings and have given their suggestions about the new restaurant.  They spared no feelings and gave their critiques on the space, the beer and the food as well... but all this time there was one thing that Chad was anxiously awaiting.  An honest to goodness restaurant review.  Just four days after opening, the restaurant got a visit from one of Dallas most notable food critics, Leslie Brenner.  Notorious for "not so nice" reviews and harsh critiques right from the get go, Chad and the staff couldn't be more excited or RELIEVED that Ms. Brenner actually seemed to love the restaurant! Check out what she had to say!  :)
Here's a look at Chad's first "non-review" review from Dallas Morning News restaurant critic Leslie Brenner.
Critic's Notebook:  First look at the Meddlesome Moth

I'm so proud of my husband!!  :)

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