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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Keeping up with the masses...

As if one really great blog about the restaurant wasn't enough, the internet has been buzzing like crazy with great feedback about the new restaurant!  I'll try to keep a running log of what gets posted as I see them.  Until then, check these out...(all from various dates...obviously)  :) - Eats Blog - "The Meddlesome Moth gets a website" - Eats Blog - "The Meddlesome Moth debuts tonight" - Eats Blog - "All aflutter over the Meddlesome Moth"

D Magazine's Food & Wine Blog - SideDish - "Shannon Wynne will open a new restaurant in Dallas- The Moth"
D Magazine's Food & Wine Blog - SideDish - "A look inside the new Meddlesome Moth"

Captain Keith's Beer Blog - The Moth Updates - Weekend Pint: The Meddlesome Moth

The Thrillist - Dallas Food + Dining Blog - "The Meddlesome Moth - The saucer swami serves up a gastropub"

Lakewood Brewing Co. - A blogventure in brewing - "Restaurant/Bar Review: The Meddlesome Moth"

Dallas Observer - Blog - "Taking flight at the Meddlesome Moth"
And of course from my last post....

The Brad's Adventures in Food - "I'm a moth the the bright flame that is the Meddlesome Moth - Dallas"

And if in case you should be interested in checking out the actual restaurant's (WORKING/UNFINISHED) website... check it out here..

The Meddlesome Moth

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