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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Lola Cat's Birthday in Austin :)

It's always a treat when I get to see my girlies again.  Our time in College Station seemed like just yesterday but the reality of our every day lives since graduating and scattering around different parts of Texas has left us with only an occassional visit where we all can get together.  This past weekend we trekked our way to good 'ol Austin, Texas to partake in girlish activities in order to celebrate one of our very own's 30th birthday.  :)  Lorraine was the first to mark her entrance into her 30's and as requested... part of her present (after a super delish lunch at one of my new Austin favorite restaurant's, Moonshine) was to hit the bridal salon with our girl Jenn (aka Penguino) to hunt down her elusive wedding dress!!!  It was a fabulous day with fabulous ladies...and I can't wait to do it again!

Our birthday girl Lorraine, testing out the merchandise...  :)

I think we were all eager to relive our own wedding days again... :)

The future Mrs. Brugliera seeing what the store had to offer..
What about this one??
No one said this job was easy... :)
Lorraine and Christine taking a breather
Practicing for her OWN wedding perhaps???  hmmmmmm....  ;)

Lorraine and Christine waiting for the beautiful bride to come out in pretty dresses!

After a fairly extensive search at the bridal salon for potential bridal wear, we left the store empty handed and headed to Lorraine's house to catch up on eachother's lives since we last saw eachother... which just so happened to be out my wedding!!

Taking all but two seconds to turn into goofballs again...we tested out my camera's nifty timer function.  :)

Probably the best shot of me... HALF an Yvette!  :)
We're obviously still working on this whole timer, run and pose thing..

Our very UNSUCCESSFUL attempt at a 1980's Prom Picture.  lol..

I think Lorraine's got it...but Jenn just couldn't keep a straight face!  :)


THUD!  Thinking the bed was softer than it actually was, Shoosh let herself fly just to hit like a brick to our squeals of laughter.... It. Was. PRICELESS!  :)

I think it still hurts... lol!

Still being silly... :)

What beeeeeauuutiful ladies!

The good old switch-a-roo!  Can you spot the difference?  ;)

Christina (aka, chris, shoosh, xuxa, shooshinator, and Lorraine (aka, The Cat)

Birthday girl Lorraine and Jenn (aka Penguino, beautiful Bride to be!)

Lorraine's Dirty 30 birthday funday with the girls... :)

Lorraine and Christine :)

Lorraine and yours truly! 
Old college roomies together again... 

Awww... I miss you girls already!  There's nothing like getting together with your closest girl friends to hash it all out.  You girls are the BEST, thank you all for so many wonderful years of love, laughter and happily ever afters! 

Here's to another 30 wonderful years!! 
We love you!

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