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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Weekend 2 - Spelunking at Inner Space Caverns

Inner Space Caverns-
After a frustrating start to the day (missing exits, getting lost etc., etc.), we made our way to Georgetown on this Valentine's Day to check out Inner Space Caverns. 

In the cable car that was to take us underground... Ooooooo...  :)

View to the great beyond...

Our first sight of all the formations.. 

Chad's obviously being silly.  :)

a little furry bat friend..

Just hanging out... not bothered by us taking pictures of him. 

Our tour guide called these Soda Straws...

Temptation Rock...One of the only rocks you can actually touch down there. 
(apparently your hand's oils stop the formations from growing)

In one of the larger rooms down there.. SOOO COOL!

Looks like an ear of some ancient animal..

The 24" hole that brought the first explorer into the caverns back in the late 60's. 

Huge mound of gently running water..

The ceiling above us... Looks like whipped meringue

Or creamy mashed potatoes!  :)

How cool is that?!

Stalagtites and Stalagmites joining together. 

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