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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Meddlesome Moth - Construction

Set in the heart of the Dallas Design District, The Meddlesome Moth (or The Moth for short) will entertain the daytime creative spirits of interior designers and fashionistas alike while luring in the late night crowd with tasty tidbits and enticing morsels of delicious menu items.  Chad has worked himself silly creating a menu that everyone will surely love...from the hearty to the the warm and comforting... Chad's menu is sure to delight.  :)  Just a few months out from opening day and construction is well underway.  Taking in the recent activity at the construction site, Chad arrived home late last night with a few camera shots to share.  Stay tuned as the work progresses!

A view into the bar space from the main dining room.

View towards main entry.

A view from Chad's future kitchen space....

Just enough space to rock out some awesome stuff. 
We BOTH can't wait for opening day!!  :)

Checking out his new digs...

Open concept kitchen to let you in on ALL the action!

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