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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Austin or Bust - Valentine's Weekend

Enjoying the snow but wanting to get away to avoid cabin fever this Valentine's Day weekend, Chad and I decided to head south to check out what Austin had to offer.  With no concrete plans in hand, we started our Saturday with our only real MUST.  Round Rock Donuts.  These things were absolutely INCREDIBLE!  Even as I type this blog, I'm still contemplating giving these donuts their very own post... they were THAT good...oh and did I mention HUGE?!! 

Chad and Macie discuss the incredible GOODNESS that is about to ensue...
Getting their game plan ready to tackle the donut beast...

Waiting in a line that wrapped this way and that way and even out the door...
It was worth every tempting minute!

A heart as big as TEXAS!  WOW!!!
Not only was it HUGE, it was light and buttery and piping HOT!

Taking our first bites.. :)

And Macie waiting for hers...  :)

Mt. Bonnell-
Feeling the need to bring ourselves back from the brink of over indulgence, our next stop to Mt. Bonnell let us walk off our breakfast.  Rising 775 feet above sea level, we hiked to the top for the most breathtaking views over Town Lake, downtown and the 360 bridge.

Snaps of our future house... ;)

But we aren't picky... we'll take this one too.. ;)

Town Lake -
A few hours later, and after a restful stop at Austin's Flying Saucer for a few beers and some afternoon snacking, we made our way south across downtown to Town Lake for a long, relaxing stroll. 

Macie loved seeing all the dogs playing in the leash free area

What great views down here

Having never seen the bats emerge this bridge, we were disappointed to find that they only come out in the summer months... but because the day was so beautiful, we enjoyed our stroll anyway.
We'll definitely be back to see the little guys come out during feeding time...  :)

Macie's first real friend :)
It squaked and quacked and made all SORTS of noises at her... lol

Farewell good friend... until we meet again.  :)

Wink Restaurant-
Relying on only our cell phones to get us around, Chad came across Wink Restaurant and Bar while looking for dinner options that evening.  Inspired by the way we met (online on Match that uses "winks" to start initial communitcation) we thought it was only appropriate for this to be our Valentine's dinner spot.  What a treat it was!  It was quaint and romantic and the food was pretty gosh darn GREAT!  How lucky were we?!  Having a very unique selection of menu items, we ate to our hearts content...and I even found another great sweet white wine to add to my "Favorites List" ---> 2005 Monchof - Riesling Spatlese.  YUM!

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