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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

364 days til THIRTY!!

29 and COUNTING...
It wasn't long after the sleepiness wore off on this fine October 14th day that my thoughts settled on the fact that in 364 days, I will be in my 30's.  In 364 days I will no longer be 20 something.  In 364 days, I will officially be an "adult"... I still remember thinking 25 was old and now find myself talking like my parents did when I was growing up.  I'm sure it won't take long til I start using the story my dad loved to tell us about the "taco goo" that would run down his pant leg while walking to school in shoes with holes in the soles.... held on by glue and stitching cause they were too poor to buy new shoes or lunch bags... It was clearly an exaggerated mexican version of the snow walking that most people grew up hearing about.... lol... 

Anywho, back to the day at hand. 
Today... I turn 29!  Not necessarily too momentous other than the fact that it is the last year in my twenties.  My very last "single status" year.   This time next year I will have been married for nearly ONE year!  So many wonderful things have happened in these last 28 years, I'm curious to know what the next 30 hold for me??  These last few years alone have been the most memorable years of my life...  In 2006 I moved to Dallas.. In 2008 I bought my first home... met Chad AND got engaged!!  Now in 2009 I'm getting MARRIED!!!  If that weren't enough, 2010 seems to be just as exciting as Chad's takes his new job to the next level, helping to open "his" first restaurant.  Although it's not financially HIS responsibility, The Moth has become "his baby"... HIS restaurant to care for, His to nurture and love and make successful.  His success is, in turn, MY success... HIS happiness is, in fact, MY happiness... and as that cheesy cliche goes... you jump, I jump... and as cheesy as it may seem, it's actually kinda TRUE!  :) 

On the agenda for tonight is a low key celebration of two people enjoying the calm before the wedding storm arrives.  Being so close to the wedding, the birthday plans include a food cheat like no other before.... and on request, by yours truly.... is.... PIZZA and ICE CREAM!!  A fine dining meal unlike any other... lol.. but the BEST I could hope for.  Wedding day diet is officially ON HOLD!  Let the GLUTTONY commence!

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guajardo fam said...

Happy Birthday, friend! Love you to pieces!!!