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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ft. Worth Beer Festival and Water Gardens


Fall Beer Festival
Saturday, October 17th
Ft. Worth, Texas
Presented by: The Flying Saucer

Four ounce pours... TEN times!
Doesn't sound like much but these aren't your average beers...

For Chad at least... I'm a lightweight!

Looks like he found something he likes.. :)

My goofball showing us how to "look skinny taking pictures"...
Neck up and OUT!

There was actually a "You're Not Worthy" beer tasting tent behind him...
Those were the ones that pretty much knocked you on your butt!

On to our sightseeing portion of the afternoon!

The infamous Water Gardens...

Ooooooo..... PRETTY....

Looking to get his feet wet... Anything for a great picture...

His "walking on water" trick... lol... well he tried..

Looks so refreshing...

Looked so good Chad thought he would take a little sippy sip.... :)

Then I wanted some TOO!!  lol..

Pretty fall colors....

Apparently this was where the movie Logan's Run was taped...??? 
I'm going to have to trust Chad on this one... never heard of it..

Making our way to the core of the fountain...
I have to admit, I was a bit freaked out at this point..
I think it was the rushing, crashing water all around us..

Ooooooo... I think his face says it all... lol..

Chad, having an impossible conversation with his mom telling her about the movie...
I have no idea how he even HEARD her at this

Looks pretty intimidating to me..

Getting down was so SCARY!!
 And look at all those KIDS running around?!

Putting on a brave face...

On top of the world...

Hello up there!!  :)

My love..

Being a silly silly boy... :)

How can you resist...

THIS FACE?!?!?  lol.. :) 
Can't wait to marry you love...

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