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Sunday, October 11, 2009

A very special THANK YOU!! :)

From the day I first came to Dallas three years ago, I always realized it was the best decision I had ever made.  Even then, not knowing a single soul in this great expanse of a city... I still had no regrets or doubts or fears about my move.  Over the course of three years I have settled into big city life, met friends to last a lifetime and met the man of my dreams!!  Things really could not be any better for me.  Even my job has been a blessing.  Taking me under her wing as a friend and my "older sister", Mrs. Lisa Roden, has been my right hand through this entire wedding process.  She has provided advice, suffered through long meetings with wedding vendors and will even play hostess to a couple's shower for Chad and I on October 24, 2009.  She has even selflessly extended her friendship past the Dallas city limits being my honorary "date" to whatever random chef event Chad has going on or wedding that Chad can't make.  Because the Rodens have come to hold a special place in our hearts, Chad and I are MORE than honored to have them take on the role of padrinos in our wedding... They don't realize this yet, but it was my way of committing them to the Kelley family for years and YEARS to come!!  ;)  I'm not sure how I've lasted this long without them... Thank you guys, so much, from the bottom of our hearts! :)

Our kids future babysitters... :)  lol...

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