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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Not long after we had planned our trip to the valley for Cynthia’s wedding, we had begun our quest for decently priced flights to California (so I could meet Chad’s family!!! : ). Having just been there in March (and not scheduled for his next visit until his usual time over Christmas), his family soon realized how serious our relationship was getting. Luckily for me, they are the most unbelievably loving and supportive family anyone could ask for. All they really seemed to care about was Chad’s happiness…and truth be told, that’s all I really cared about also. ;) He was happy with me, so they were happy that we were together. His mom, his aunt and all his extended family seemed to embrace me right from the start and things just seemed to fall right into place.

Although we were only there a few days, it was GO time as soon as we stepped off the plane.

July 27, 2008

-We wake up at the BUTT CRACK OF DAWN. Due to my nerves and excitement, sleep was no longer possible past 4:30am so we began our trip at IHOP with a quick pre-dawn breakfast before making our way to DFW airport.

-We are met and whisked away by his sister Christy and her two adorable kids Logan (2yrs) & McKenzie (6mo).
-We arrive at his mom’s place and have yet ANOTHER (this time gourmet style :) breakfast of eggs w/spinach and feta & tasty bagels w/cream cheese prepared collectively by everyone in the room. We sit out on the back porch overlooking the most gorgeous view I’ve seen in a long, long time as we enjoy our food and each other’s company. Perched on top of a southern Californian hill, I just couldn’t get over the perfectly breezy, sunny but cool July weather!
-A few hours later Chad rangles us up a car so we can do a little sight seeing before making our way to his aunts house for a family bbq.

-We hike along the beach for a bit then make our way to see the St. Regis hotel nearby. Just one word to describe that place. WOW!

-A bit of sightseeing aside, we finally find ourselves at his Aunt Denise and Uncle Bob’s house. We are greeted by warm hellos and welcoming hugs. Being a family of foodies, it takes all of TWO seconds to fill our bellies for the THIRD time in about 6 hours.. lol. We eat, we laugh, we mingle and eventually find ourselves blissfully tired and pooped out from the day. It was a GREAT first day in California that's for sure!

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