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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Best of Big D..

July 24, 2008
Following closely on the heels of “Taste of Dallas”, D magazine hosted their annual Best of Big D event at the Galleria this year…and guess who was working it?! My honey!! Representing The Oceanaire, Chad prepared and offered tid bits of their creations to a couple hundred select guests. To my joy, Chad invited me (as HIS select guest ;) to come along and enjoy the evening full of food from even MORE yummy restaurants in and around D-Town. The only difference was… this time, THESE were the HOITY TOITY restaurants…;) These were the restaurants where the tasty morsels we were enjoying that night were much more than a few dollar menu items at your local Mickey D’s. It was FABULOUS! Not wanting to go at it alone, I recruited my ever willing coworker Erin to come along for the ride. She’s always eager to be my hot date to restaurant/foodie type events…. Especially on a night when Chad was working the room. Thanks Erin for being such a trooper. Lol..

Working those mini crab cakes!

My coworker Erin and I :)

After a few hard hours at work, Chad called it quits at the event and headed back to the restaurant to enjoy one last final taste of heaven with us before calling it a night… MMmmmmmm… lol.

Ohhhhhhh... YES! Our dessert was actually as big as a HUMAN HEAD!!

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