Love and Food in the Big D

Monday, July 28, 2008


Day 2 in California:
My first ADULT visit to Disneyland! I felt like a little kid again. All the same anticipation I’m sure I had felt as a child waiting for the day my parents took me to see Mickey, was building up inside me again as we got closer and closer to the Disney entrance. For the most part, it was just as I remembered it as a kid. With the exception of the rides, the feelings that place evokes were all the same. I’m a dork. Lol.. I know this, but we really DID have a fun time. We spent almost the ENTIRE day there… with the exception of meeting his mom for breakfast at a quaint breakfast joint earlier that morning. I LOVE YOU MICKEY!! You’re my HERO! Lol… ;)

Standing in front of the castle..

My goofball <3>

Like a kid in a candy store.. :)

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