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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On shaky ground...

So.. it’s a good thing we went to Disneyland when we did cause if we had waited for this particular day, we would’ve been disappointed. I couldn’t even BELIEVE what happened that morning as we were having brunch… I experienced my very first EARTHQUAKE!!! It was INSANE!! I can finally add and then quickly CROSS OFF “Experiencing an earthquake” from my list of things to do/experience before I die. Lol. How nuts!! Apparently California hadn’t even had one in like eight years or something.. and the ONE weekend that Chad and I go, the FIRST weekend I meet his family, THAT’S when there’s an EARTHQUAKE?!! It was certainly memorable that’s for sure. Luckily there wasn’t much damage across the city and it actually just felt like I was walking on a tight rope/plank bridge. There was a huge initial shutter, almost as if the ground gave way from underneath us then…nothing. Right then Chad and I looked at each other from across the table with confusion before it clicked. Earthquake! Almost instinctively, Chad jumped up, grabbed me and led me to a doorway where we braced for the second wave of shutters. The next set lasted several seconds rocking the picture frames on the walls and making the chandelier in the house go NUTS! After it was all said and done, we stood there a moment in shock before his Aunt came out from wherever she was hunkered down to find out if we were ok. We were fine. Shaken and maybe a bit stirred…but… A-OK!! :)

Balboa Island..
After the fiasco of the morning had subsided, we carried on with our day without much hiccup. We made a brief stop at Christy and Ryan’s apartment before heading to Balboa Island with Chad’s mom. We weren’t there very long, but from what I saw, it seemed like a super cute, but VERY EXPENSIVE tourist trap. Quaint little shops with odds and ends that could easily make anyone’s wallet lighter. Very, very cute place to waste away an afternoon though… hmmm… maybe when we win the lottery. :)

Newport Beach..Our next stop was another family bbq with Chad’s dad and his side of the family. After saying our initial hello’s and doing the standard introductions, we found a second to sneak away to cruise along the waterfront on some old school bikes.

Coming back from our ride around beautiful Newport Beach

Sweet baby McKenzie, Logans little sis

My future nephew Logan... munching on watermelon

Chad, being a good influence.. lol
Having a little run in with Christy and Ryan's dog Jack Schmitt :)

I swear there wasn’t an UGLY place ANYWHERE in sight. And believe me, I LOOKED. Again, we ate, stuffed ourselves silly and ended the night by making some smore’s over the fire pit! Mmmmmmm…. Ooooeeeeyyy, Goooeeey GOODNESS!!! :)

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