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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Grant Henry Kelley - 11 Months

Every single month that passes when I come on here to update our blog with Grant's monthly pictures, I feel the exact same way.  How in the HELL did we get here so fast?!  How is he already THIS old?! Why is everything passing by so quickly?!  I remember being at this stage with Everleigh like it was yesterday and that was almost FOUR years ago!  When I'm at work, wanting to be home, I wish the days would fly.  When I'm home staring at these "tiny" beings that I made, I just want it all to STOP (when we're not having tantrums of course ;)!  Someone needs to invent the remote control for life... STAT.  

All in all though, I love this stage we're in with Grant.  Every day is a new thing to learn.  New challenge to conquer.  New milestone to tackle.  He's still teething up a storm.  (And by teething I mean DROOLING. A. in multiple outfit changes a day for BOTH Grant and mommy ;)  He's mastered crawling, he now knows how to easily pull himself up and he's even crawling up onto our playroom platform that he couldn't get on just a few short weeks ago.  He's doing things now with purpose and will get upset with you if you take things away from him.  :)  

But mostly... he's ALL smiles, all the time.  Except of course when you want him for these pictures.  Boys.  ;) 

Sweet sister photo session bomber.  ;) 

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