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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Grant Henry Kelley - 10 Months

My sweet little boy.  Changing every single day.  Something new to discover.  Something new to accomplish.  On the day he turned 10 months he officially started crawling... and this mama, seeing the beginning of the end of baby-ness as we know it, felt indifferent about the whole dang thing. Keeping me on my toes right from the start, his main form of travel had been doing a modified army frogger move where he'd LAUNCH himself forward with a  force so strong, I cringed every time he came down thinking surely he'd face plant.  Once he figured it out though, he was OFF and I... I was quietly sobbing in the background with pride and sadness.  :( :( 

And just like that 10 months came and went.  

He's still rocking the 9-12 month clothes and is still working on the chunkier foods.  But dude sure does love his fruit and sweet potatoes though!  

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