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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Baby Bear Kelley 2.0 - Gender Reveal 2015

So I'm actually quite proud of Chad and I for holding this TEENY, TINY, bit of HUUUUGEE information all to ourselves for over SIX WHOLE weeks.  Who knew my will power was so strong?! I think it was easy cause we actually just flat out LIED to everyone.  No one knew we'd gotten a sneak peak at an early doctor appointment, so no one bugged us to tell them.  

At our 12 week sonogram, over a month and a half ago, the sono tech doing the first round of a two part scan of our baby, told me that 9 times out of 10, the perinatologist (who I'd be seeing next) was correct in being able to accurately see gender that early on.  Without Chad at that particular appointment, I contemplated the POSSIBILITY of knowing the sex of our growing baby.  I didn't even think it was an option at this point so it took me a minute to get up the courage to ask the Dr when he finally came in to see me.  After a quick scan and without any hesitation AT ALL the doctor said.. "Well don't go out and paint the nursery room or anything... BUT I'm pretty good at this stuff and I'm MORE than 85% sure that it's a......."  (to be continued... to the end of this post  ;)

Right away we knew that we wanted to try to get my parents up to visit for our next scheduled sonogram, at 18 weeks (this past Friday, March 27th).  When we found out Everleigh's gender, we literally couldn't contain our excitement and called my parents from the parking lot right after our appointment.  I knew they wouldn't care how they found out this time around, but I was set and determined to make it up to them for not making that first reveal EXTRA special.  With that in mind, Chad and I went full force into "Gender Reveal Party Planning Mode".  

With this sonogram being so close to Easter, we took advantage and decided to make our party "Easter" themed.  It was gender neutral, springy and let us have the opportunity to have an egg hunt for the kiddies attending the party.  It was a hit!  

With the party set for 4pm (past lunch and before dinner time) we focused on light snacks and, of course, yummy sugary treats.  ;) 

Tasty flavor options from Nothing Bundt Cakes
Main Cake - White Chocolate Raspberry (topper made by yours truly ;)
Mini Cake Flavors - Pecan Praline, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Carrot 

After all the kiddie guests had arrived, we went outside to start the Egg Hunting festivities!

So proud of all the littles for being patient enough for me to snap a few pictures.  ;) 

Aaaaaannnnd... THEY'RE OFF!!!

So cute watching all the smaller ones walk RIGHT OVER the eggs, not really understanding the concept of filling their baskets.. lol.  

Saving the best eggs for last, I came out with 2 dozen confetti filled eggs that I handed to each kiddie to "SMASH" on each others heads.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy that messy part.  ;)  

As Chad and I mulled over our "Reveal" options, the one that we both really liked involved creating a unique piece of art for the baby's nursery.  Finding this inspired post on Pinterest, we quickly decided this was the idea for us. (Along with TWO other back-up plans in case the weather was bad ;)

Luckily for us, the weather was perfect.  A bit windy, a bit too bright but perfect enough for our plan.
A couple nights before, we emptied, washed and painted some egg shells that we later filled with different color paints.  The idea was that we'd throw the first set of eggs containing either BLUE or PINK paint...thus our REVEAL.  ;)


The screams in the background told us that everyone was as excited as we are to be adding a sweet little bear cub to our family.  :) :) :) 

After that we invited everyone to help create our masterpiece!  :)  


We're definitely loving the way they turned out.. but we will most likely add more color splashes before we hang them up ;)  

Our "INDOOR" reveal option - A giant filled egg with BROTHER bear hiding inside.  
Everleigh got to open that one on her own later that afternoon.  ;)

Friends for nearly half their lives... Sophia and Everleigh now go to preschool together! 
It's been so great seeing their little friendship blossom and grow and we're so glad they get to spend so much time together ;)

Sweet little eggheads.  ;) 

A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who was able to make our reveal so special.  To those who traveled from long distances to be with us and to all our friends and family who have sent well wishes from all over.  We are definitely feeling the LOVE for the little man growing in my belly.  We are truly thankful for the friendships we've made and the special people that surround us daily.  

We can't WAIT to meet our little bear cub!!  

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