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Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Baby Bear Valentine Special.... ANNOUNCEMENT ;)

So it took THREE full attempts at photo sessions with my bear to get these particular shots.  The first time, she was uncooperative and totally NOT into our session AT ALL.  She refused any and all "commands" I gave her AND it was WAAAY too bright outside for any decent photos.  Her face came out, but everything else was blown out by the sun.  Strike 1.    

The second time, (leaving the camera out and ready JUST in case), I was so caught off guard that while I DID get some cute photos, they weren't the best lighting.  Indoor and at night with only the kitchen light to work with... Meh.  Strike 2

FINALLY, the third time was DEFINITELY a charm as my bear was MOSTLY cooperative and being extra cute.  The light was right.  Her hair was "done".  She actually had a bow on... and while this wasn't the outfit I had originally planned, I'm thrilled with how this "story" played out.  :)  FINALLY!  HOME RUN!!

So without further ado...

A Baby Bear Valentine Special ;)  

And the main reason why I've been MIA from our blog these last few weeks.. ;)

Someone's going to be a BIG SISTER!!  

LOVE this face.. hahaha.  It's ALMOST like she knows what's happening.  lol.  

God Gave Us Two.  :)  Everleigh and her sibling.  NOT twins.  lol..
Just wanted to clear the air.  

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