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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Caesars Palace, Dinner at Fiamma & Ka : Las Vegas Weekend Getaway - Part 2

Day 2 and 3 were pretty much as we had hoped they'd be when we planned this mini vacation.  Not a whole lot of gambling happened.. BUT a WHOLE LOT of napping DID!  Oh and walking.. there was a whole lot of that going on as well.  Thankfully, we didn't have to venture out in the 100+ degree heat too much. Whew!  Vacations are definitely NOT. FOR. SWEATING!!  ;)

These days were pretty casual...spending our mornings exploring the surrounding casinos.. then heading back to our hotel right after lunch and napping til dinnertime.  ;)  Sounds like the perfect vacation to me!!

Speaking of a good vacation.... 
We got wind that our sweet little bear had her share of partying and napping as well!  ;)

Someone looks POOPED!!  
Must. Stay. Awake... 
Must. Keep. Having. Fun...    
While Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a pretty damn tasty Italian feast at

Before heading to our last activity of the evening.. 
Another Cirque Show.. KA! 

Row 2.. or B.. as they called it, center section.  
The most amazing vantage point I've ever experienced! The performers were RIGHT THERE..not five feet in front of us.. performing on the platform that separated us from the stage that appeared and then disappeared in the darkness.  AMAZING!!  
These next few images were taken from their website (cause I only got to sneak this fire shot from our seats at the very beginning.  The dragon was outside in the lobby, therefore, fair game ;)


Heading back to our hotel after a successful day in Vegas :)  

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