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Monday, December 31, 2012

Kelley's 2012 Year End Review via Instagram

It's truly amazing all the changes that can happen in 365 days.  In the grand scheme of life, a year is just a blip on the radar... but for some people, heck, for a HELL OF A LOT of people, those 365 days can be life changing.  This year, the Kelley's were no exception.  This year marked one of the best years of our lives.  We started the year oblivious (but hopeful) for what would lie ahead.  For some of you who know us well, know that we began the year focused on opening our very own restaurant.  A dream that had been dormant in Chef Kelley's head for years.  Unfortunately, after giving it our all...choosing a location, signing a lease, submitting our plans to the city.. it STILL wasn't meant to be for us.  For reasons out of our control (stupid city regulations and crappy red tape) we put our plans on hold (for now) to focus on ANOTHER blessing that stumbled upon us.

In February 2012 a little blue line on a stick changed our lives, and opened our hearts to the greatest gift of all.  We couldn't have been more blessed to welcome our little bundle of lovin' on September 25, 2012.  Everleigh Isabella Kelley, the newest addition to the Kelley family.  :)    

From our family to yours, here's hoping 2013 is as wonderful to everyone as 2012 was to us.  

And like always, because photographs tell the story of our life, here's a little Instagram fun to take you back on our adventurous year!  Even if you don't keep up with our blog... this should tell our story pretty well.  (if you look closely down at the pictures, you can see how long ago each picture was taken... it was easier to go from present day all the way to December 2011 ;)  

Hope you enjoy the ride as much as we did!  :)  Happy 2013 EVERYONE!!  

Love -- Chad, Yvette, Everleigh and Macie Blue Kelley :) 

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