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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Daily Distractions & Pinterest

So many times during the chaos of my day, I sneak a few seconds on my phone to peruse the All-Distracting-Where-Have-You-Been-All-My-Life-Awesomeness...that is, Pinterest.  It's such an easy escape from reality.  A stress reliever of sorts as I easily get lost in the endlessness of inspiration and creativity.  I'm not quite sure how I lived without it actually.  So many milestones and events in my life where I could've used Pinterest.  Buying the house, getting married, DIY projects to last for days and days...

As our minds reel with endless possibilities about how our restaurant might look one day, Pinterest and I have become quite chummy as I scour its goodness for unique and interesting design ideas.  :) 

Here's a looksie at all the wonderful restaurant-ness I've been drooling over..

Love the stools, love the counter, love the backwall.. love it all :)

Seriously?!  How cool is this light fixture?!?!.. made of plastic forks!! 

Lovin' this old school barstool... too bad it's $355! 

What a great wall of texture :)

Awesome communal table, awesome bar stools..
love the feeling of this place

Great facade..

Spoondeliers make me smile :) :) :)

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