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Friday, December 09, 2011

Holiday Decor - Pinterest Inspiration :)

With Christmas just DAYS away... (YIKES! Where did the year GO?!?!).. I've been scouring Pinterest for some good old fashioned Holiday Do-It-Yourself inspiration.  If you're behind the times and oh-so-six-months-ago...and STILL haven't discovered Pinterest.. SHAME.ON.YOU!!  It's amazing.  And addicting.  And so genius and simple... I wish I had thought of it first!  

I'm serious.. GO check it out.  Like NOW!! Oh wait, check out what I've pinned to my Holiday Decor board first.. THEN you can go check it out.  ;)   

Love this.  Old books.  Some glue.  Some glitter.  Done!

How cute and easy are these guys?!? Personalized ornaments in no time!


So cute... and "seemingly" easy to do.  ;)

For anyone who has an Elf On Their Shelf.. How CUTE are these?!?!

And for those who have seen my toilet paper roll stash..
you KNOW how excited I got seeing this little number.  FREE Christmas Decor.  Can't beat it!

DIY Felt Ornament :)

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