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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Chad Kelley :)

Another year down and so much to be thankful for as we gathered with a few friends and family to celebrate Chad's 35th birthday this past weekend.  ;)  And what better way to celebrate than to make him work... HARD.. on his very special day. Ha!  It was HIS idea afterall to have friends over.. why wouldn't he have to cook for everyone too?!  Hehehehee.. sorry love.  At least it was a simple menu of pork sliders, creamy cole slaw and homemade BBQ sauce.  Easy peasy...right?  ;)  Well at least everyone loved the food and seemed to have a great time...and the kiddies even made a new friend to play with too! 

Thanks to all who were able to make it out (on kinda short notice ;).. we'll try and make entertaining guests more of a routine this coming year ;)  Be on the look out for an Evite coming soon to an email box near you!  ;) 

The happiest of happy birthdays husband!  You make 35 look AWESOME!  ;) 

Chad and our niece Kenzie.. hugging it out.  ;) 

The Birthday Spread :) 
(and no it's not really Heinz ketchup.. just the bottle.. it's Chads own homemade BBQ sauce!!)
I swear it tastes like CANDY!! Soooooooo good!!

Trying out my camera's Color Accent Feature on little Miss Rylee, her mama Kendra and HER mama Brenda  ;)  Thanks ladies for coming over!  We had a great time.. can't wait to do it again :) 

Logan, busted trying to sneak some goodies out from the kitchen :)

Our buds, April and David Malain :)

Chad trying to get everyone hopped up on sugar.. including the kiddos!  :) 

Awww.. the Roden-steins :)

After awhile Chad got lost..
and THIS is where we found him.. In the den playing with the kids :) 
Love my sweet husband!

Crazy yellow coloring.. But cute picture none-the-less.  ;)

I think it's safe to say that Logan and Kenzie have finally fully opened up to their uncle Chad.  ;) 
Love these three crazy kids.. :) 

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