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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Paris, France Day 2 (Part II) - L'Atelier Saint Germain de Joel Robuchon

Our bellies were grumbling and the excitement was building as we waited for 2:30 to come around so we could finally have lunch at L'Atelier Saint Germain.  Since our reservations had been set since the beginning of August ... it was no surprise that we were more than a little anxious to finally get there.  Arriving about an HOUR early...(What?! We were HUNGRY?!?! ;)  we surveyed the neighborhood before eventually making our way inside. 

Because this particular lunch was another "MUST-Visit" for Chad... I took out my trusty little Canon to document our plates of delicious yumminess.  Yes, yes, can bet, it was Yvette, The Foodie Tourist, on the loose again.  ;) 

The view from our seats.. Right into the central kitchen..

Uni Scrabbled Eggs and Baby Lettuce

Sea Bream Carpaccio, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chives, Lime Zest and Piment d'Espelette

Foie Gras, White Beans and Potato Crisp

Best Ribeye EVER

White Partridge with Cabbage and Foie Gras Stuffing

Potatoes Robuchon

Dessert Menu

Sabayon au chocolat majari, crumble au cacao sur un cafe for glace..
Yeah.. you figure it out.. ;)

Le Mont-Blanc
Best described as hazelnut creme meets mousse with teeny tiny macaroons and gold leaf
French description: à ma façon, sur un biscuit aux marrons, perles croquantes croustillantes

Post dinner cafe.. with tiny madeleines and caramels

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Xuxa said...

mini madelines look so yummy...!