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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Paris, France Day 2 (Part I) - Trekking it, Tour Bus Style :)

So... it turns out that we couldn't avoid being typical tourists in Paris.  Unlike Barcelona, where I pretty much still remembered where things were even after 10 years..(Woo-to-the-HOO!! ;).. knew what I wanted Chad to see (and what I wanted to revisit)... and I could still successfully navigate the metro system with relative ease...Paris on the other hand, was a WHOLE different ball game. 

Right from the get-go, the sheer CHAOS of the city was overwhelming.  There were people and tourists, EVERYWHERE!  Disneyland, times ten, ON CRACK! is pretty much how I describe it to everyone that has asked.  For whatever reason, to me, it seemed more chaotic than New York City, Barcelona and Chicago COMBINED (at least it did at the beginning).  We had a language barrier issue to contend with, and although we had done some research on the city beforehand...once we were there.. it seemed like everything we knew and learned, went STRAIGHT out the window.  ;) 

Luckily for us, the sweet receptionist that greeted us at The New Orient Hotel on our first day, did her best to give us a run down of exactly how we should tackle this beast called Paris.  Her first suggestion, TOUR BUS!! (and we pretty much stopped listening after that... we were SOLD!) All we had to worry about was finding the first stop...then hop on, pay the VERY reasonable price (for TWO days), and let the bus driver man do the rest!  Silly tourist thing to do?? Perhaps.. but for our first trip there... it was perfect. 

But first, another neighborhood market to visit.  :) 

Oooooooo fancy Smart car.  ;)  Wonder when we'll get these in the states?? 

Garnier Opera House - Where the tour bus picked us up for the day.. :)

Not far from our Hotel..

Arc de Triomphe - at the end of the Champs Ellysees, honoring those who died for France during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. 

Center of 12 radiating avenues.. Amazing to see how CRAZY French drivers are!

Ooooo... still so pretty, even with the sun in our eyes.. ;) 

The Eiffel Tower from the right side... ;)  NOT facing the sun!

Couldn't resist posting just one more... ;) 

Facing the Grand Palais

We contemplated renting these bikes to get us around.. but then realized, we'd probably get smacked by a car.  lol.

Back side of the Louvre..

I wonder how much we can get with this at our next stop???  ;) 
(correct answer is... NOT A DAMN thing! Ha!)

Next Up:  Lunch at L' Atelier Saint Germain de Joel Robuchon

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