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Monday, October 31, 2011

My Sweet Halloweenies :)

The one HUGE blessing to getting married to my Mister, is that my family has grown considerably.  With the addition of Chad's entire loving clan of Kelley's, Schmidt's, Kisner's and Platt's... I've gotten to know a pretty great set of people.  THANK GOODNESS they are all so wonderful and easy to get a long with!!  Whew...!!  ;)  With all the horror stories out there of extended families not getting along.. I'm thankful and incredibly lucky to get along so well with everyone.  Ya'll Rock!  :)   

And with the recent arrival of Chad's sister Christy and her little familia into Dallas a few months ago... spending time with our nephew Logan and niece Kenzie has been wonderful...especially since we missed so much of their cute baby-ness when they were living back in California. 

Unfortunately, it just makes me miss my brother's little ones down in the valley, sooooooo, soooooo much!  :(  Luckily for me though, I've been blessed with my other great sister-in-law (also named Christi..but with an I ;) who keeps me in the loop with all things Addie and Andrew with a steady stream of pictures from back home.  Miss you guys.. can't wait to see ya'll in a few weeks for Andrew's baptism!  :) 

Time for some Halloween fun... here and valley style.  :) 

Who knew Captain Jack and Snow White lived in the same place..or time?!?!
Kenzie and Logan, ready to take on the neighborhood

Logan and Kenzie took those scary houses on like CHAMPS!  They never looked back..
Eye on the prize.. ;)  Sniffles and everything.. Nothing could stop these kiddos from Trick or Treating..

And down in the valley, Cinderella, aka little Miss Addison, came out to play...
Cinderelly, Cinderelly.. I love you Cinderelly.. :)

Sweet Pumpkin ready for some sweet treats..

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