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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Survey SAYS....

For the most part, those of you who read this blog already know Chad and I... personally.  But for the rest of the new readers out there, who've stumbled upon our blog in one way or may, or may not take the time to read the "Extra Bites" pages (off to the right on our blog site...or here for Me, here for Chad, here for About Us, or here for Our Wedding) telling you who we REALLY are.  So, taking it back to the good 'ol days of quizzes and questionaires that at one time flew through emails.. here's a quick little looksie on yours truly.  :) 

And since Chad's baby pictures went up last week, I thought I'd embarrass myself as well, by putting up one of MY baby pictures in all my super chubby, multi-rolled glory.  LOOK AT THOSE BABY TIRES!! 

Full Name: Yvette Maldonado Kelley - maiden name Maldonado but legally changed it to my middle name after tying the knot.  :)

Nickname(s):  Depends on who's calling me.  Love and Baby - by Chad; Evie - by my Nana and late Aunt; My Little Love One - Dad (when I was little); Nerdo - Brother growing up... and when he gets excited about something... usually said a little something like... "Woooooooooo Nerdo... Woooooooo"  (I'm not sure who should be more embarrassed by that.. him, or me?  ;)

Work Title:  Intern Architect turned Marketing Coordinator...proposal writer, job chaser, Photoshoper, In-Designer and overall company graphics person...

Hometown:  Edinburg, Texas

Pets:  Macie Blue Kelley; age- 3.5 :)

Happiest Moment in Life:  Would it be cheese if I said my wedding day??  Cause it was definitely my wedding day... :)

What is your favorite word/phrase?  PTO :)

What is your least favorite word/phrase? "Like, Ummm..."

What makes you swoon?  Watching Chad interact with Macie when he doesn't know I'm looking..listening to our first dance song (see below)... Cornbread, mmmm... meatloaf

What makes you want to puke?  Coffee breath, overly competitive people, humidity, needless drama

What sound or noise do you love?  rain hitting the window, thunder in the distance, "Honey, I'm HOME" from Chad

What are you listening to right now?  Pandora, Jason Mraz - Live High

What sound or noise do you hate?  chalkboard scratching.. high screech of fork and knife scraping on a plate... :/

Favorite Season?  Definitely Fall.  Birthday in October (14th...accepting presents already :), leaves changing, air is crisp, Wedding Anniversary (November 14th :) Thanksgiving.. love it all. 

First Dance Song as Husband and Wife?  Spanish version of Jason Mraz's song Lucky - Featuring Ximena Sarinana

What profession, other than yours, would you like to attempt?  Cake decorator, food critic, photographer (the professional kind), restauranteur (with the hubs of course :)

What profession would you not want to participate in?  Anything medical..bad gag reflex, Old folks care.. too sad

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive? “Nice job, kiddo.. Welcome Home.”

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