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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Perks of a Chef's Wife :)

So... it goes without saying that I'm one hell of a lucky wife being married to a bonafide chef.  Not many people can eat the delicious food that I eat as often as I get to eat it.  And for that, I'm blessed.  This whole-y body is blessed and I'm perfectly content (read: SMELLING food makes me gain weight) with having to workout like hell everyday (read: it does NOTHING, I'm still gaining weight because my metabolism SUCKS!!) for the rest of my life to keep eating the things I do.  ;)  it's a perk you see...and I'm willing to embrace it.  ;)

Tonight some of the ladies in my office joined me to do a first run of the newest Spring and Summer items on The Moth menu .  :)  It was a treat to not only get the best seat in the house (overlooking the kitchen and my hottie husband doing his thing) but to be amongst a fabulous group of women.  Fabulous food, fabulous atmosphere and fabulous company.  What could be better?! 

A little beer bubbly to start the night off...
Yup that's right.. a BEER CHAMPAGNE... who knew?!

Fabulous Instagram Application Fun :)
Here's my newest Iphone application in use to document some of the tasty treats we had.  (I've added a few "normal" photo versions of some of the dishes for those not into the Instagram thing.. ) 

Shrimp and Grits with Jalepeno gravy...
Not a new item...just a MUST item for the newbie at the table. 
Always a HIT amongst the crowd.  :)

Carribbean Spiced Chicken with a Banana Ketchup

Heirloom tomato stuffed with a tasty crab salad on top of Israeli couscous

Creamy Risotto with sliced asparagus, peas and preserved lemon

Green beans, carrots and asparagus veggies topped with a garlic like viniagrette

Mexicali creamed style corn topped with a cotija cheese crust

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