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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011 - Beauty & the Beast at the Bass

I love that the time that Chad and I have together... we actually SPEND together.  Especially Sundays.  No distractions.  No television.  No time with separate friends.  No individual sports watching.  No "you do this and I'll do that, and I'll see you later tonight"- type thing.I'm sure that seems odd to some people... hell, it probably sounds odd to MOST people out there....but with Chad's crazy restaurant schedule, Sunday is OUR day.  Our day to explore the city, take in an event, hang out with our mutual friends, eat a nice dinner or just be alone together.  We obviously have the luxury of minimal distractions without kids right now... but I'm sure that even when our bambinos come along, this will still be Kelley Family Day ;).  This Easter Sunday was no exception.  With a visit to the valley in the works for this next weekend, for Addie's 3rd birthday (I STILL can't believe how fast that little one is growing up!), Chad and I planned our own little Easter celebration in Dallas.. Well actually, Ft. Worth to see Beauty and the Beast at the Bass Performance Hall.  It was AWESOME! 

View of Bass Hall from the parking garage. 

Instagram photo application at it again.  I love how simple Iphone pictures can be transformed so quickly and easily into something cool.  I'm gonna have to stop relying on my phone though and remind myself of our pretty awesome Canon handheld thats ALWAYS in my purse.  ;) 

An early dinner at Reata before the show.  :)
Specializing in Southwestern cuisine, located in Sundance Square
A little vino to start things off..
Treana - Marsanne Viognier (one of my new favorites)

Just a teaser picture of all the incredible food we had.
The portions were ridiculous and we left there barely able to move..but soooo worth every yummy bite! ;)

Bass Hall Exterior

Bass Interior Dome above our seats..

Beauty and the Beast - Program

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