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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthday Bounce House Fun

A couple days after her birthday...and just in time for my arrival to the Valley, we celebrated Miss Addison's 3rd birthday with a trip to Bounce in McAllen.  Although fully acclimated to her very own Bounce took her...ohhhhhhh...about a MINUTE to weeny out of playing with the other kids at her very own party.  :)  We call it Stage Fright.  ;)  We had fun nonetheless and she seemed to come around right around pizza time.  :)

Seemingly ok upon arrival..

Starting to look a little worried as more and more people arrived... :)

Maybe just a little fun with Dad and Aunt Yvette...

Or maybe not.. lol..
Super sad face with Grandpa...

Hanging out with her pinata Dora...
(Sorry Dora but you have NO IDEA what's coming your way later on...)

The kiddos watching the ADULTS have a little Bounce fun.  :)

Velcro Suits?  Check!

Matt and Norma seeing who can go higher! 

Having some issues Norma?? 

That face says it all!

Next up?

Norma trying it again... lol

Matt and Marissa's sweet daughter Gabby

Now how the hell do you get down?!

I think the adults had more fun than the kids did..

My sweet pops.  :)

My brother getting in on the action

Edgar flying HIGH!

Pizza time

Nooooooowwww we're happy again :)

About to sing Happy Birthday to Miss Addison

Family Smiles..

She did surprisingly well considering she cried the ENTIRE time they sang to her last year.. 

Poor Dora...
Addie taking her swings at the pinata. 

See Dora... you should've known something was up when you came with a STICK!
hahahaha.. Nooooo Addie didn't do this herself.. :)

Addie's up again... Why aren't kids traumatized by this?!

Maybe it's the candy that overshadows the fact that their beloved Dora just got WHACKED!

Filling her cup with Papo, Christi's dad

What's left after the vultures attacked. ;)

Scavenging for goods..

Miranda and Bella

Happy Birthday Little One!

Next Round 'O Fun:  Trial Runs...Boys vs. Girls!

Edgars time??  Tooo Slow!

Omar's next..

Photo Finish!

Showing off his battle scars ;)

This old man can't hang with the young kids anymore..

Addie and her mama Christi. 

Girls are next..

Don't even remember who won... lol..

After all was said and done at Bounce... we headed to my brothers house to open presents!

Aunt Yvette's and Uncle Chad's present first!

Ni Hao Kailan

Excited about Dora

and Rapunzel...who she hasn't stopped talking about

Pointing out all the Tinkerbell Characters

Gabby and Sophia come to join in on the Bounce Castle fun

Getting the hang of it..

Awww.. all the girls playing together..

Matt and Marissa trying to get Sophia to come to them... Super CUTE!

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