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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Savor Dallas 2011

There's a huge part of me that feels guilty for not having taken very many pictures of Savor Dallas this year (a grand total of ONE picture with my iPhone).  Being named the (amateur) photographer in the family..with Chad taking his own pictures when given the chance, I'm usually set and determined to capture the events in our life.  This evening was complete and utter chaos though and I was lucky to get a chance to even catch my breath!  In the years since I'd helped Chad at this event, I..slash that... WE had never seen soooooooo many people attend. 

60-plus of North Texas’ leading chefs, along with tastings of more than 400 of the world’s best wines, beers and spirits were present for the nearly 3,500 attendees this year at the 7th annual Savor Dallas.  Held at the Sheraton Hotel downtown, Savor Dallas included chef dinners and seminars, ending the two day wine and food fest with what they called an International Grand Tasting. 

Chad, The Moth Sous Chef - Suki, her friend Sylvana and I arrived at the Sheraton at a little past 5pm to begin our table set up.  Sandwiched between Great Brewers, we beautified our table and assessed the other restaurants setting up before bracing for impact.  In one full swoop, the crowd came....and never, ever, EVER stopped!  Little did we know or realize that nearly two a half hours later, we'd be out of food! 

Over 2,000 pieces of Pork Rillette on Johnny Cakes, garnished with pickled carrots and cilantro were passed... and by the time everything was said and done, my feet were a HOT MESS! 

It was a great evening though...can't wait for next year!

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