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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Barcelona & Paris, Anyone??? Why YES!! Two Please! :)

So...It's OFFICIAL!! 

Chad and I have officially BOOKED our European getaway for this Fall and I couldn't be more FREAKIN' EXCITED!!  I know you're jealous, I can tell.  ;)  It's been ten years, (holy geez'us, I'm OLD) since my last rendevous with the European folks over there (Texas A&M Study Abroad 2000-'01, WHOOP!) ... so I thought it was about (DAMN) time I make my way over there again... This time with Chad in tow.  You know, just to check out how the country has been gettin' along without me.  ;) 

Itinerary so far: 
DFW to Barcelona - leaving Saturday, Sept. 24th, arriving Sunday the 25th. 
Meeting up with PART of the original Barcelona crew (Lola, wish you could be joining us friend...but no worries, we'll have a sangria or two in your honor ;)  to reminisce about olden times and see how much we can remember of our past home.  It's been so long but it still feels like MY city... I'll be curious to see how much of it I REALLY and truely remember.  (Eeeeeeekkkk... kinda nervous... NO PRESSURE!)  After a few days of debauchery... (As much debauchery as eight, 30 yr olds can get into while in a foreign country, feeling the early onset of old age.  ;) we plan on trekking our way to Paris.  The HOW and exactly WHEN we leave and get there is still kinda fuzzy (for now) but we still have a good six months to figure it all out.  Let the RESEARCHING begin!!

Unedited Photos taken out of the spires of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, 2001

Communications Tower - Barcelona, 2001

View out the apartment I shared with Lola Cat :)
97-99 Carrer de Marti, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona to Paris (pronounced PEAR-EEEE ;)  - Sept. 28th, arriving Friday the 30th.   
Again, how we get there is still up in the air.. we are thinking about "training it" (it's a technical term of course) just to see the country side and such ...but we still aren't sure where we'll stop on the way.  All we know is that we NEED to get to Paris by the ifs, ands or buts about it!  We HAD a fleeting thought of actually renting a car and just making an adventure out of it... but that idea was quickly SQUASHED when we did a little research on multi-country rental car prices.  HOLY CRAP!!  Over a thousand.. yes, you read that right...ONE THOUSAND dollars for like, A DAY?!  Seriously?!  Seems like those Europeans don't really like us US folks running around their countries all willy nilly and such... so I guess I can understand...just wish they could give these adventure seekers a bit of a break!  Lol.  Oh well.. we'll figure it out soon enough.  :)

I can't claim this picture.. but we DO have a similar HUGE canvas Eiffel Tower up at our house now...
Inspiration for this trip perhaps??  hmmmm... ;)

Again... until we see the REAL thing.. internet photos will have to do. 

Paris to DFW - Oct. 3rd :( :( :( :(  (Adventure over... wa wa waaaaaaaaaa.....) 

Stay tuned for the running list of places we absolutely NEED to visit while on our little Spanish/Parisian getaway.  We'll be taking suggestions from now til then if anyone would like to chime in.  Here's your sign.  :)

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