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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winspear Opera House - Kodo Drummers of Japan

You know the one thing I really love about my husband is...that he's the spender, and I'm the saver.  Now I realize that might not work for everyone in the average relationship...but our relationship is anything BUT average.  The fact of the matter is...Chad works too much to do any MAJOR damage to our bank account...he just spends enough to surprise me with great and fabulous dinner dates out to fancy restaurants (for "research" of course ;) ...or great tickets to whatever random show or sporting event just so happens to be in town on one of his very random nights off.  This night was no exception.  In one full swoop, we were heading downtown to check out the Kodo Drummers of Japan at the new Winspear Opera House.  A huge part of me, (the part that had no idea what to expect with this show), was dying to see the new theater.  We'd heard so much about it...and being the dorky architecture girl that I am, I was thrilled! 

Our little trusty Canon handheld did a GREAT job with these pictures from the other side of the reflecting pool. 

Can you spot the name Juanita in the pool? 
It was among the listing of the Winspear Sponsors

The show was actually really really cool.  Totally NOT what we both expected I think, but very mesmerizing none the less.  We were in awe by the shear focus they needed just to keep the rhythm and beat consistent with the others for such LONG periods of time.  :) 

A glimpse of the amazing chandelier from our seats..

That retracted into the ceiling once the show was about to begin.  :)

Because photography was prohibited during the show, I scoured the internet for some images that captured the night perfectly.  

Ending the show with a bang.. lol..
The drummers, in sumo-style get ups 

Exhibit piece on display after the show. 

View to the second floor from the lobby area. 

Outdoor Cafe area. 

View from the Winspear side of the reflecting pool. 

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