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Friday, February 04, 2011

Miss Macie Blue Kelley

If you haven't already had the pleasure of meeting our sweet little puppy girl, let me introduce you to Miss Macie Blue Kelley.  Our little miracle rescue pup, saved from the (kind) clutches of Operation Kindness back in September of 2008, she joined our little family at four months old, scared and weary of us (at first)... quickly turning into a rambunctious, but still very well mannered girl.  She's a joy to come home to, waving that tail like a champ, eagerly waiting for us at eye level on our stairs to say hello.  (Chad's two steps higher than I am but who's counting?  ;)  The best cuddler anyone could ever hope for, she's right there to keep you warm on those winter days when the heater is cranked full blast but you still can't manage to get comfortable.  She'll follow you around the house as you do house chores...mostly to take stock of the progress...but also just to be in your presence.  She'll let you know when it's time to go out, and bark, just once, very polietly when she's ready to come back in.  She'll stay just out of reach every night, dancing around the foot of the bed, hoping to be picked up, but not really letting you (or Chad in this case) touch her...just until she's ready.  (We still haven't figured out why she plays this game exactly, knowing full well what the routine is, and what the outcome is... a warm and comfy bed for her to sleep in!) 

Crazy Texas weather playing its dirty little tricks again.  One day it's a beautiful 70 degree day, the next, we wake up to the craziest ICE and SNOW storm Dallas had seen in years!  I have to say that I'm not that surprised, given the unusual weather we've experienced since I moved up here nearly five years ago...but this was the first time I'd ever gotten THIS MANY snow days off in a row!  By day three (of five), Macie and I were a little bored... so I decided to try and capture her sweet presence the best way I could.  She may be scruffy and a little rough around the edges, but her eyes truly are the window to her sweet soul.  <3

Having a ball in the snow...

Love that face!

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