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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Early Christmas 2010 - California Style

It had been a little more than a year since we had seen Chad's side of the family...since our wedding weekend actually.  It didn't feel like it though, from the moment Chad's mom picked us up at the airport, it felt like we hadn't skipped a beat.  Because we had decided early on that we would spend Thanksgiving with my family and celebrate an early Christmas with Chad's, we were both very much looking forward to some quality time with the Kelleys and Platts.  :)  This year also felt a bit different with the kids, our niece and nephew, McKenzie and Logan...especially with Chad.  From my first trip out to California to meet the family, the kids seemed to shy away more from Chad than they ever did me.  This year, they took to us BOTH with ease, letting us enjoy their little cute personalities to the fullest extent possible.  Chad and I were elated to have this time with them... and everyone else in the family!  :) 

Starting the party off right... with Where's Waldo-like fun!  :)

Taking a break from the search on the page to take some cheesy pictures :)

Bobby and Becca's cutie James, Kenzie and Logan getting by with a little help from Uncle Bob and Grandma :)

They look so DANG CUTE together! Insert cheesy grin here.. :)

Tickle fight!

Logan, waiting to be picked up by his feet :)

Kenzie enthralled by the movie camera. 

Gorgeous sunset outside

Cousins Chad and Bobby playing with the kids

Everyone joining in on the fun :)

Sweet Kenzie girl..

Preparing for flight..

Not only were we celebrating Chads 34th, but James just had a birthday as well!
Happy Birthday little man  :)

Getting a little help from his dad, Logan and Hayden
Opening up one of his many gifts that night

Chad, never far from the kitchen.. ;)

Mmmmmm... candied pecans for the salad in the works.. 

James, playing with his goodies...

Awww... cousins!

Good ol' family bonding :)
Hayden Platt, Logan & Kenzie Schmidt, and James Platt

Love that face on Kenzie... :) of the party :)

Legoland :)

Ryan giving Christy a big SMOOCH
(I know it's blurry but it's a cute picture so I couldn't resist)

Taking "Pull my finger" to the next level... ;)

What started as a simple "Hold me upside down" by Logan... 

Quickly turned into THIS...Logan...pantsed!

Poor little guy got sooooooo embarrassed, he quickly locked himself up in the bathroom.  After a quick pep talk from his papa Ryan, he came out smiling and on a give his Uncle Chad a super slimy Wet Willy!!  :) :)

Getting our White Elephant game started...

Ryan and Logan patiently waiting for the game to start..
Chad's sister Molly..  ;)

What a face
Bobby chose first...

Ryan was up next.. and got the bag I eventually ended up with!

Pretty in pink, a Victorias Secret tote :)

I was glad to be up next so I could steal it from him  ;)
Because everyone was encouraged to buy cheesy, silly gifts, the tote seemed "safe" :)  and I was right!!.. there was some pretty "interesting" stuff being chosen by everyone

He lost the Victoria Secret bag and gained... Liquid SOAP! 
Apparently the running joke in the family is that Bobby would ALWAYS end up with some sort of soap type product during their White Elephant games of years passed.  Needless to say, everyone was eager to see what Bobby ended up with that night.  ;)

LOL!  James' first choice.... a THIGH MASTER!  Love it!  :)

Starting the thigh training off YOUNG :)

Logan was up next..


Kenzie's turn.. :) 
We steered the kids towards the kids type gifts after the thigh master

Oh, someone grabbed Ryan's soap...
so he ended up with... drum roll please..... Bod Man Body Splash!!...AND..

Wait for it... Wait for it...

Oh yeah...that's right.. Hoochie Mama Drama!!!...
a "special dvd" for that "special someone" in your life.. lol
(I think we did pretty damn good choosing those gifts Love..they ended up in good hands ;)

My love is NEXT!!  

Oooooo....what did ya get?! What did ya get?!

A white plastic "grass-like" bathmat?!?
I think Logan's face says it all... Waa, waa, Waaaaa..... :)

And what was Uncle Bob's super cool present?!

Still don't know yet... still don't know yet.... what could it be?!

A ha!  Air filters!! In a variety of sweet smelling flavors! Yippee!

Oh but wait... a trade!
For an assortment of sugar a lot of super cool colors! :)

Uncle Bob inspecting Ryan's Bod Man fragrances... 
JUST in case he's interested in trading in his air filters

So Bobby didn't end up with soap this year... BUT...
He DID give us a demonstration on how to use his new tongue cleaner..
Quite the successful White Elephant 2010 I must say... time to relax!

Christy's attempt to rest...

quickly turned into a "smashing" from her big brother Chad :)

Threating to fart on her... lol..
Just like old times, I'm sure... :)
And just when you think the presents had stopped... 

A few last gifts for the kiddos...from Aunt Yvette & Uncle Chad!

The kids absolutely LOVED them!  

HUGE books of Super Heroes, Cars and girlie Princesses for the gang

Logan's attention is diverted

But Kenzie is STILL on the book!

What's over THERE, Uncle Chad?!

Awww... cutie pie

The books caught their attention for a good twenty minutes...
Pure silence amongst the crowd :)

What focus!

Such determination!

Quite the masterpiece :)

Aunt Denise, Bobby and Boo helping James work on his Cars book

Super cute.. :)

Pause in the fun...for some CAKE :)

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