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Friday, December 10, 2010

Chad's 34th Birthday at Sea World, San Diego

It's funny how as we get older we revert back to our childhood, getting giddy again about the places we loved to visit as kids.  This years visit to Sea World was no exception.  This time however, we weren't just here for Sea World alone, we gathered the family together to celebrate Chad's 34th birthday!  Chad's sister Christy, her husband Ryan and kids in tow, met Chad, his mom and I at the park this chilly/windy Friday morning to see what Sea World had to offer.  :)  It took us a little bit to adjust to the windy chill in the air, but after awhile we didn't even seem to feel it anymore.  It was certainly a wonderful birthday....for ALL of US!  :)

Sea World - San Diego, CA

Testing out the durability of the kids stroller while 
Making himself comfortable right off the bat... :)
Funny how that kid in the background is looking at Chad like he's

Mr. Birthday Boy thinking we owed him a ride on his birthday... lol...

Uh oh... I think he's stuck ;)

Awww...grumpy face.  Guess no one was willing to push him

pretending to be pouty..

Ok my turn now... I'm ready.. take me for a ride please!

Ok alright alright..I guess no ride for me ;)

Cute little furry guy having a little snack on his belly..

Waiting for some tasty treats!

Chad's sister Christy, her hubs Ryan and their tiny tot, our nephew, Logan feeding the sea lions 

These guys were HUNGRY!

Christy and Ryan's other little tot, McKenzie :)

Sweet girl...

What a handsome face!

Waiting for the dolphin show to start

mmmm...yummy PAPACORN!



Look ma, they're FLYING!!

Chad, practicing his parenting/stroller techniques

Having the situation under control....for now.  ;)

Logan trying his hand at basketball.. 

Oops.. a little short, little man...good try though!

Uh oh... I think you're losing one Chad!

These two..Chad and the little mermaid....becoming fast friends... ;)

Awww... sweet smile!

Papa Ryan giving the kids a ride...  I think Kenzie was scared at this point.. lol

Wheeeeeeeee... it may look like they are going fast... 
but... they aren't.  lol.  

On to the next exhibit... STING RAYS!

Giving them some yummy treats... :)

Watch your hand love!

Don't let him take that hand love.. you need it to cook me some dinner! ;)

Oooooo... What's in there?!?!

Logan taking a ride with his Uncle Chad.  

You wanna go that way...???

Or THAT way???.... 

I warned them... no flash, no moving...or you'll get blurry pictures!

Making the weird eye..

Look over there Logan! 

360 degree view from the revolving Tower


Getting up close and personal with Shamu himself... or herself...or..whatever. 

On to the Polar Bear Exhibit :)

Good times Sea World...good times ;) 

After a very successful trip around the park a few hundred times, catching all the attractions we could possible catch, we called it a day and headed back to Chad's Aunt and Uncle's house where we spent about an hour stuck in traffic just trying to get there!  :)  Time to rest up for the next day's Early Christmas party with the rest of the family!  Stay tuned...  :)

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