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Friday, October 01, 2010

Project Back Deck & Chalk Board Wall

For the last two years, Chad and I have been putting off a few major house projects.  Not cause we thought it might cost too much, or be too much to handle but because we assumed it would be extremely labor intensive for just one person to tackle alone (namely me, who had more time at home without Chad cause of work).  After finally having one full day dedicated solely to our pending projects, Chad and I made our list and took to Home Depot for all our neccessities. 

On the agenda for the day.  A chalk board wall for our office/den (which we had already bought the moulding for to frame out) and what we thought was the project to end all projects...  Painting/Staining our back deck!  THIS was the project we thought was a long shot considering the condition it was in to begin with.  Part of the reason we had put it off for so long was the fact that we didn't think it could be saved.... therefore requiring a significant amount of money to replace all together.  We thought that whatever we did in the mean time would just be a waste of money... No permanent decision about it meant putting it on the back burner...(although it certainly was a sight for sore eyes, and NOT in good way).  You'll see what I mean when you see the "before" pictures!

Wanting to be as efficient as possible, we planned out our day, going from washing our deck (to allow dry time) to our chalk board wall (to allow for drying in between coats).  And just when you thought those two projects weren't enough, we snuck in assembly of an EXTREMELY cool, HUGE print that fit perfectly above the stair landing!  Take a looksie..  :)

Our poor, poor sad looking back deck (neglected for the last two years) BEFORE:
I'm almost embarrassed... EXCEPT...Our NEW and VERY much IMPROVED deck looks FABULOUS!! 

Back Deck AFTER:

Our amazingly cool office/den chalk board wall.  BEFORE (well DURING really):

Chalk Board Wall:  AFTER

Doesn't it look fabulous?! 
I must say that I'm so incredibly proud of our measuring/cutting and framing abilities. 
It's centered...AND LEVEL?!?!  Holy Cow!  :)

And if that weren't enough for one very productive day...we assembled and put up an incredibly awesome IKEA print we found. 

Stair Wall BEFORE: (old picture not really showing the far right wall..but here, it's blank.  Trust me.  ;)

Stair Wall AFTER:

Miss Macie sitting on the stair landing where she greets us everyday when we come home.  :)

Giving us a good ROOOOAAARR!! ;)


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