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Friday, October 08, 2010

Getting My Addie Fix

Since the first day of October, I was certain this month was going to be wonderful.  We had an amazing trip planned to Yosemite just days away, my 30th birthday was just around the corner, Chad had begun giving me little treats here and there for my birthday AND Omar and Christi graciously gave me one of their free southwest flights to head down to the valley for a weekend!  What could be better?!  Knowing the family would be heading up to Dallas for Thanksgiving in November, I took the first available weekend to get my Addie fix.  J 

After picking her up from school and being greeted with the sweetest little voice saying "that's Aunt Yvette!" (heart swells immediately, and baby pangs commence ;), my mom and I treated her to one of her favorite lunch treats... Double Daves Pizza!!  :) 

Bellies full and perfectly content, we headed back to her house where she and I took a MUCH needed nap before heading out to see "Addies House"... aka her new play set out back. :)   

Addies "House"

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