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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fall Fun @ the Corn Maze

Since picking her up from school on Friday, Addie had been talking non stop about going to the Corn Maze in Donna.  By day, it was simply a large open field with hay barrels, a pumpkin patch, large slides, swing sets, a barn yard with animals and a corn field made into a maze.  By night, it turned into a scary like park with a "haunted maze" for those ready for a fright!  Needless to say, we high tailed it out of there once the sun went down.  ;) 

Trying to show me her Dora band-aid while on our way  :)

 The Maldonado's taking a "hay ride" around the corn field. 

 Making her sweet "CHHHHEEEEESSSEEEE" face.  :)

 Doing the Maldonado's rendition of Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam


 Here they come!!!

 There they GOOOOO....

 Next up:  Slide :)

 To be honest... I was kinda nervous for them... well for Addie really. 

 But... by the time she got down, she was one smilin' fool! 

 The sun setting that day was incredible! 

 Last stop before heading out:  The Barn

 Come here Mr. Moo Cow....


 As close as we could get her to sitting on the pumpkins

Callin' it a day... Stinky and exhausted!  :)


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