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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bastille Day at the Bishop Arts District

So it begins...Chad's first official "event" at the Meddlesome Moth took us to "France" as we celebrated Bastille Day with what seemed like THOUSANDS of Dallas area folks at the Bishop Arts District.  From a wine walk around the block throughout the local shops, to a french maids race.... and EVEN a Mussels competition featuring my very own private Chef-love, the first annual Bastille on Bishop was a HUGE success!  Right on task, we arrived a little before seven to set up Chad's tent where he'd be cooking up one of the Moth's signature mussels preparations... The Diablo.  HOT and SPICY!  :) 

And hot and spicy it WAS as the temperatures reached well into the 90's even as the sun set over the crowd.  Yikes!  I can't imagine how Chad was feeling as he slaved over his mussels, trying his hand at beating out the other 8 Dallas area chefs there that night. 

One of 9 chef tents ready to hand out tasty samples of their mussels. 

The other Chef's competing that night: 
Marc Cassel – Park
Graham Dodds – Bolsa
Randal Copeland – AVA
Michelle Carpenter – Zen Sushi
David Uygur – Lucia
Tim Byers – Smoke
Kelly Hightower – Nova
Tony Gardizi – Capriccio & Decanter

Boy was it HOT!!

Part of the festivities included a HUGE chess board, set out for those young and old to play with!


Working his magic

Getting interviewed WHILE he cooked! 
This guy was apparently from D magazine's SideDish. 
And look at that paparazzi behind Chad! 

Making sure the flame was still strong

Yummmmm... how pretty!

Getting his "plates" ready for judging..

Sooooooo serious!  

So as it turned out, Mr. Kelley didn't win the competition but we were in good company so we thought we would check out Eno's Pizzeria down the street while passing up the sidewalk painters  :)

And the cool collection of Vespa's!  How Euro chic.  ;)

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