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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center - Glenrose, Tx

After much deliberation about how this Sunday Funday would be spent together, Chad and I finally decided to break in our new Prius with it's first ROAD TRIP down to Glen Rose, Texas to visit Texas' own animal safari!  Talk about an ADVENTURE!  It wasn't anything like we expected but after an almost two and a half hour drive through miles of rolling hills, we encountered the most docile and curious creatures you'd ever seen. 

Sweet little deer family..

Cute little guy :)

Nap time..

Well HELLO THERE..  ;)  Hehehehehe.. 
Yes you're seeing this correctly, he literally had his head IN the car!

Up close and personal

Just shy of our car window... :) 

Pretty intimidating I must say!
I loved this guy!  He was RIGHT there by our car...

hehehehe.. that tongue was a mile long!

I shall call him Herb ;)

Chad's buddy... Number 550 :)

So this guy...

Was a bit freaky..  lol

And this guy...
Yeah this one RIGHT HERE...

Thought it would be REAL cute to stick his head into our car and SNORT ON US!!!!

Chad and I have never laughed SO HARD!!  It scared the CRAP out of us!!

it's almost like he's laughing at us.  :)  lol... What a punk!

So I think Chad's face says it all...hahahaha!  :)

This was Snotty's evil twin.  :)

Channeling his inner "hunter", Chad tried his luck with a loud belting "Gobble, Gobble, Gobble" turkey call and this guy actually came RUNNING to us! 
And yes, Chad literally yelled the words "Gobble, Gobble, Gobble"... lol. 
 My husband's a NUTHEAD!  :)

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