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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Menu "Preview" Party

So I have to be honest and say that I was a little more than peeved when Chad came home on Friday informing me that he had to work that next day.  Living on borrowed time, and limited weekends to enjoy together before the big day arrived (losing my husband to ridiculous restaurant hours), I was a bit annoyed that our Saturday would be taken away from us (even though there was a legitimate reason).  Jumping at the chance for real feedback on some of the menu items, Chad's boss Shannon asked Chad to prepare some of his goodies for a 50th birthday party he would be hosting at his house that next night. 

Because most of the product Chad had purchased earlier that week was set aside for the tastings, we headed out Saturday morning to make our rounds at Central Market once again to prep for the party.  After wandering the store, adjusting the menu for the days freshest grocery selections, Chad and I rushed home to begin the frantic task of prepping as much as we could before 4pm.  Wanting to be a supportive and understanding wife, I offered my sous chef-like services to Chad, chopping, dicing, prepping and flouring as requested.  :)

After all had been said and done in our kitchen, and getting every single dish we owned dirty, Chad and I loaded our car and headed to Shannon's Highland Park home to finish cooking and assembling his selections.  Arriving at five, two hours before the party was to start, Chad and I made ourselves comfortable in an unfamiliar kitchen and began to knock out the few remaining tasks.  As guests began to mingle about, asking Chad about the restaurant and food being presented, we set up our plated items around the dinner table and waited for the mass entrance of people hungry for great food.   

Like a champ, Chad won everyone over with mouth watering food and his star personality.  Everyone raved all night about how delicious everything had turned out and how much they couldn't wait for the restaurant to finally open.  I couldn't have been more proud of my husband...seeing him in his element, working the room, maning the kitchen and showing everyone how incredible a chef he really was. 

It truly was a great night.  I love my chef.  :)

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