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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Best of the Best

As the opening of the restaurant looms in the distance, Chad prepped away one last time (hopefully) for a two day tasting that will highlight the best of the best...Items that have survived all the other tastings and made it onto the final menu.  Twenty three items to try on Friday, the rest on Monday.  I can't even imagine having the stomach capacity to handle all that food at once, let alone be able to give an honest critique of it.  Thank goodness it's not my job to do.  My job however is to keep my husband calm, and always ready with a clean pot at every turn as he works magic in our kitchen this Thursday night.  On little sleep and his nerves running rampant, I'm surprised that we finished early, organizing everything in individual containers, ready to be made into gourmet meals the next day. 

Our fridge at the closing bell.  I STILL have NO IDEA how we got it all to fit! 

Loving all those pretty colors!

Miss Macie, patiently waiting for something to fall on the floor.. :)

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