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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Wonderland...

The morning seemed like any other as I hit the snooze button several times as I did everyday....thoughts of calling in swirling in my head.  Little did I know that waiting outside was a sight I had witnessed only a few times in my life.  Everyday my routine was the same.  Not wanting to wake the sleeping grizzly bear (aka Chad) I took my things to the guest room to get ready for my day.  Today, I was stopped dead in my tracks as I opened our bedroom door to be greeted by a winter wonderland outside the window.  It was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!  As I stood there in amazement, I waited only a few minutes before I turned around and woke Chad to share in my delight.  :)

View from our guest bedroom window...

View from our Master bedroom... What a sight!!

Morning accumulation..

Our backyard...

What a beautiful snow flocked tree!
View out front

A tangle of snowy branches.

Afternoon and it's still snowing!

Enjoying the snow while waiting for Chad to get home from work..
Awwww....  ;)

Now that Chads home it's time to PLAY! 
This is Chad getting the first shot in.... lol

that's at LEAST FOUR INCHES of snow!

A pillow of soft snow.

Making my very FIRST snowman...  :)

a camera phone shot while taking Macie for a walk.

When we heard that it might snow earlier this week, a slight tinge of excitement arose in our hearts although realistically we knew the possibility was small.  Boy were we WRONG!! 

It STILL hasn't stopped snowing!

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