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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What she's eating now...

I have to admit that before I met Chad, my diet was...for lack of better words... BORING AS HELL.  Being on a somewhat modified Atkins diet for the last five plus years... my life revolved around protein.  ALL things protein....things I knew, things I was comfortable with.  Although I was practically stuck to the Food Network for the better part of this last decade, I didn't really ever experiment with anything fun and exciting, I just watched.  Then one day, Chad came along and busted down the culinary chains that were holding me down in my ever boring diet.  I've tried things I would've never TOUCHED before... or even thought to TRY.  It's amazing but..Look at me NOW!!

The Ayumi Roll at one of the best sushi restaurants in Dallas...

Seriously??  RAW beef??
I'm still not convinced a light sear qualifies as "cooked beef" as Chad tried to convince me of...
It was good though I must admit. 

This has to be the most surprising thing Chad has gotten me to eat. 
COMPLETELY RAW yellowtail sashimi.... if you know me at all, you probably wouldn't believe it unless you actually SAW me eat  We've had it twice now!

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