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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wedding Day!!!... (Wedding Blog 2 of 2)

Even now, a few weeks later, I still remember the incredible calm I felt on that Saturday morning of my wedding day. Sleeping VERY soundly the night before, I woke up at 8:00am to a pitch black hotel room (thanks to black out curtains ), feeling rested, refreshed and ready to conquer the day. This was my wedding day…the day I had been waiting for, and preparing for…for the last year and a half…. Well for the past 20 years really! I was confident it would all go according to our plans…and if for some reason it didn’t, I was confident that I wouldn’t let it bother me. Today was to be the happiest day of my life…and the day had just begun. :)

Knowing that it wouldn’t take long to reunite with my family (who was staying in the same hotel that night)…and realizing that the moment I walked out of that door, chaos would ensue… I took my time getting dressed, relaxing for the final moments before I was to head out to get my make-up done.

An hour later, I made my way to my brother and sister in law’s suite (which had been transformed into the “hair room” for the morning)… finding Chad’s mom and my sister in law Christi already getting their hair done. As 9:30am approached, I met up with my Dallas mom Lisa to head to the Galleria to hit the MAC store for my 10:00am make-up appointment. As luck would have it, I arrived literally SECONDS before another bride… taking the only available spot with the ONLY available make-up artist that morning. (apparently the girl I had scheduled myself with had failed to show up that day!) Putting my face in a gay man’s hands (who had on better make-up than I had seen on most women!) I closed my eyes and hoped for the best.

An hour later, make up done and looking fabulous, I head back to the hotel to start the hair primping process.  Having already done a trial run with Amanda, the hair stylist a few weeks before, she was geared up and ready to get going once I arrived back at the hotel. 

Me and my Penguino Jenn Jenn...

Me and the cat...Lola Cat that is... :)

College Station Girlies together at last..

Getting my hair DID!

Mr. Logan, aka Chad's mini me, coming to say hello..  :)

My brother Omar and my sister in law Christi...

Great job Amanda, I LOVED my hair!


1pm had finally arrived, and my family and I gathered in the lobby of the hotel ready to make our way to the church.  With Chad hiding away in the hotel room we would share that night, I loaded into my parents surburban, dress in tow... to make my final preparations for my big walk down the aisle.  One last thing to do... DRESS!

Me and My Barca crew... Thanks guys for seeing me off... :)

Rachel, helping my dad..

My Dallas mama Lisa helping get me pretty...

Christi, my sister in law, and I

My brother and dad...

Me and my new family... my mother in law Diane and Aunt Denise

My mom... me and my grandma Nana

Our beautiful programs... designed and assembled by YOURS TRULY!

Chad and his men, having a moment... lol...

After an hour of prepping in that church dressing room.... It began to feel like ceremony time would never come. As 2:30pm finally approached, all the ladies had left to join the line forming out in the hall to make their entrance into the church like they had practiced the night before. I waited and waited in that church dressing room for what seemed like hours until it was my turn to walk out of that room to meet my dad. For a moment, as I waited in the room alone, I feared that they would forget I was in there... for a moment, I pictured the audience looking back in wonder at where I could be hiding. lol... Silly silly little thoughts... Just then, my mind snapped back to reality as I heard the music change, signaling the processional of my bridesmaids.. and soon, my turn would come. Finally, my dad walked back into the room and told me it was time...

Here we go!
Chad and I give great thanks to our wonderful wedding photographers, Jimmages Photography, who captured our wedding exactly like we wanted to remember it.  Jim focused on details, our friends and family, and most of all, he somehow managed to capture the incredible love that Chad and I felt that day... not only for eachother but from everyone in the room.... :)

To view our entire photo album of fabulous pictures.. please see the link below for full coverage of the wedding ceremony, reception and MORE!!
Professional Wedding Day Photos

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