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Friday, November 13, 2009

Rehearsal Time!! :) (Wedding Blog 1 of 2)

There have only been a few times in my life when I've been short of words.  I could talk to a hole in the wall if only I knew people wouldn't think I was crazy..  :)  For the second time since Ive started blogging, I've found myself stumped... at a loss for words.  The first time came shortly after I met Chad.  It took awhile to gather all the thoughts and feelings and all that GOODNESS that was swirling around my head... and now again, after just a little over two weeks after our wedding... I'm here, again. 

The dust has somewhat settled, honeymoon bags are finally unpacked, and we've finally found a sense of normalcy again after all the chaos of the wedding has subsided.  In an effort to provide COMPLETE coverage of our lives as they happen, THEN and NOW....Here's a look back at the Kelley/Maldonado Wedding Weekend!

As Wedding blog 1 of 2:  Here is the run down of the events leading up to the day... (before I forget!) :)

Wednesday- November 11, 2009- Chad's mom arrives at our house before any other Kelley or Maldonado family members arrive.  We take her to dinner and settle preparation for the next day when the mass flooding of family members were to arrive.

Thursday - November 12, 2009 - The remaining Kelley clan arrive around 2ish... and settle into their hotel (Renaissance near our reception site).  My family quickly follows arriving by caravan, driving nearly 10 hours with nearly six people packed in one suburban!  We spend the evening catching up with old friends... California folks..our wedding party and all the other guests who came in for our festivities.

Friday - November 13, 2009 - Official Wedding Festivities begin!! 

1pm - After a somewhat chaotic start to the day.. I gather up a gaggle of girlies and head to Watters Creek in Allen for the official painting of the toe nails true bride to be fashion.  ;)  Three hours later, toes and fingers pretty as can be, we head back to get ourselves pretty for our 6pm appointment with the church for our Rehearsal! 

My sister in law Christi Maldonado...  :)

Ahhhh..... sooooo relaxing!...

Me and my Dallas mom, Lisa :)

Bridesmaid Melinda :)

Bridesmaid Erin :)

Chowing down on some tasty snacks Erin made... :)

6pm - It felt surreal as Chad and I walked thru the church doors that night as we had done many times before... but this time we were greeted to our friends and family gathered around the lobby.... all for us!!  After a round of hugs and hellos from beautifully familiar faces, we gather around the alter and begin to take instruction from our church coordinator.  Hands clasped, hearts pounding loudly in our chests.... Chad and I faced eachother and recited the very words that in less than twenty four hours would change the rest of our lives.  After two test runs and some last minute instructions from our wedding planner Rachel, we end the church rehearsal and begin to gather the troops for the short caravan trip to our house for the rehearsal dinner. 

Waiting in the lobby for the rehearsal before us to end...

Chads Sister Christy, her husband Ryan & their daughter & flowergirl McKenzie!

Chad and his mama waiting to practice their walk into the church..

My mom and I.. :)

Being silly with my fam..

Two of my girlies... Jenn & Lola :)

Kelley & Platt clan waiting to see what was next on the agenda...

Right before we walked in...
Awww...walking down the "Practice Aisle" with my papa...

What an INTENSE look in Chad's eyes... lol
Our beautiful bridesmaids waiting to get instructions...

"You may now kiss the bride!!"
(the BEST part of the whole night!) ;)

Is that is??  Are we done?  Are we married yet??  ;)

My brother Omar and my niece and flower girl, Addie :)

7:30pm - A short ride later we arrive to our community clubhouse to a room filling with all our out of town guests.  We greet everyone again and begin the task of getting settled into our role as not only host and hostess but party honorees!  A short while later, after drinks had been served and everyone had found their place, Chad and I say our thanks and invite everyone to eat! 

Our community clubhouse/Rehearsal Site

Our beautiful flower girl, my niece Addison Grace Maldonado

Yummy Texas BBQ...


Christy and Lisa...

Chads uncle Bob..

Chads Uncle Curt..

The Fontanella Family... :)

Awww... two mothers bonding...

My mom, Chads dad and Chads sister Christy...
The majority of the Maldonado cousins...

10pm - As the night wore down, the true party goers began to show their colors as the majority of the guests head out, leaving only those willing to take to the night to continue the party.  Needless to say, Chad and I were NOT among the party crowd... but we did continue to the Renaissance hotel where we parted ways after the nights festivities had subsided and all our family members had gone to their rooms. 

The time had come... and this was to be the last night that Chad and I would head to bed single... Our wedding day was only a few hours away... and...

This was my last night as Miss Yvette Maldonado!!

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