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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kelley Honeymoon (Day 2) - Southern Sonoma Valley

The two hour time change really helped us out this first COMPLETE day in wine country.  Having gone to bed at our normal (Texas) hour, we arose with the crows the next morning and took to the long and beautiful winding roads of Sonoma Valley.  The drive was absolutely BREATHTAKING, as it seemed that our wedding colors followed us to California!  The changing leaves in beautiful shades of red, gold, green and yellow were truly postcard worthy... our pictures obviously don't do it justice. 

Although every vineyard had pretty much harvested already, we were able to find a few vines along the way that still had their grapes!  What a beautiful sight! 

Who knew Sonoma Valley was so desolate?!  We couldn't, for the life of us, find ANY place to have breakfast!  After making our way into the tinest of tiny towns, we finally stumbled across the Hoffman House, which was, by my chef's standards, PRETTY DAMN GOOD!! 

We sure were lucky to find that place... we would've had to survive on grapes. :)

Even this tiny town had great looking surroundings!

Set deep into Chalk Hill, Jordan winery had one spectacular setting. 
Although it wasn't open to the public, we took a look around anyway because the building and setting was so amazing.  :) 

Our first tasting of our trip was at SIMI, where Chad and I bought our first "Anniversary Wine"...

After touring some other pretty outstanding wineries in the area, we ended up at one of my favorites, Ferrari Carano.  I hadn't heard of it before, and I STILL don't know much about their wine, but the grounds were absolutely fabulous... equipped with a spectacular garden for visitors to tour... and awesome underground barrel & tasting room. 

View of the huge Farrari Carano Garden from the gazebo. 

Being my typical cheesehead self...  :)

Walking....walking... walking... and look what we find!  Supposedly the owners of the winery had a SWINE problem back in the day... and having a love/hate relationship with it... they decided the only proper thing to do was to give the little guy his own statue! 

Rubbing his nose for good luck??  Apparently it was what all the cool kids were doing... lol..

So we thought we would be cool kids too! 

View of the barrel room... obviously.. lol

The hubs..being silly...
I thought I would spare you and HIM the other funny pictures that preceeded this one...
(Guess you are going to have to rely on your imagination!)

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