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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kelley Honeymoon (Day 3) - Northern Sonoma Valley

Day #3 of our Kelley Honeymoon Adventures began much like our day two did.  Up way before everyone else it seemed (STILL on Texas time), we headed North to see what the upper region of Sonoma had to offer.  Breathtaking views and beautiful rolling hills followed us everywhere!  On NO agenda, we went where the wind took us and ended up at some really GREAT wineries!  :)

As we wandered the hills of Sonoma, we stumbled upon Wine Country's very own geyser!  Dubbed "Old Faithful", we waited for the geyser to show us it's stuff!  Mighty impressive for an itty bitty thing I must say! 

There she blows!

Oh... nevermind.. maybe it was just a hiccup!

Oh wait!  There she goes again!! 

It actually lasted quite a long time...

At the same geyser park, we found some friends... :)

What a cutie..  :)

Our next stop found us at yet another of my favorite vineyards... Sterling.

Wow!  What a drive up!

In order to actually GET to the vineyard, we had to take an aerial tram!  I thought it was amazing... Chad on the other hand, had some reservations at first.  (he's not too keen on heights)

This is his Oh Crap face.. lol..

After he got a look at these amazing views, I think he got over his initial fears...

I spy a smile on that gorgeous face! 

On top of the world!

On a self guided tour, we found ourselves overlooking the wine making area...

Tastings and a tour! 

Wine men at work...

A sea of barrels...

Because we were there in the "off season", we pretty much had the run of the entire place!

LITERALLY felt like we were on top of the world... Just spectacular! 
The sun was out, there was a soft breeze blowing... the air was crisp... it was PERFECT!

After we joined the "Sterling Wine of the Month" club... or something like that, they whisked us away to a private dining area where we were able to sample some MORE wines on their special "reserved list"... 
Made us feel pretty damn important that's for sure..... lol..

Chad, making our selections..

Headed back down...

Looks like he's feeling pretty good now... :)

Picking up our booty... lol... Not only did we join their wine club, but we also came back with more than a case of their wine... I'm not much of a wine drinker, but I certainly found one of my ultimate favorites here...
Sterling- Malvasia Bianca

Next stop, August Briggs

After we made friends with the winemakers nephew, he took us on a private tour of their small but extremely successful facilities. 

Being one of Chad's favorite wines, he was thrilled to get an up close and personal view of the wine making process...   We even got to taste wines straight from the barrel that was still aging!  Very cool stuff! 

This was their ENTIRE stock for the year...

Can you spot my love??  ;)

And this is where they make it all... crazy...

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